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Useless USB?!
May 19, 2009, 5:11 pm
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Month to Month, some company in some forgein country or domestic decides its a great idea to put out some useless USB device just to make a qick buck. . but is it really that necessary to have all these USB devices with useless functions for the desk, office, entertainment area. . .

Lets start things off with these little puppies!

USB Warming Gloves. Yup you saw it right, USB gloves to warm up your little hands while you spend countless hours typing away in the frigid temperatures of the Arctic. Now I don’t know about you, but I surely hate those late hours in the nights of the Arctic and always being so cold in my hands that I need to have some gloves on. Well, you can stop looking now! For only a low low price of 22.00$ USD from USBGeek.com you too can never go another night wondering if you will end up with frost bitten fingers or not! I really think that these could have a huge market in the Arctic, I mean how many computers are really up there at this time, about five? Not including the awesome government places. One laptop, one child? How about One Computer, 2 Mittens?!

Next on the chopping block, the ever so cleaver USB Toothbrush!

Now I dont know about you people, but for me, I love waking up every morning and running to the computer to brush my teeth! I mean there is a sink and everything right there so why not just brush your teeth while you work, right? Sure you can not go to the bathroom and just do it at the desk, but I myself love to just stand at the sink, brush my teeth, maybe do a small victory dance that my teeth are clean and then get on with my day. But if your really strapped for time and you just dont have those 30 seconds to brush, why not just pack this sucker in your briefcase, purse, pocket, what-have-you’s and just take it to work with you. Sit at your cubicle and brush away from friend! And hey, if someone asks. It’s simple, you were in a rush.

Last but wow, certainly never least! The USB Vibrator…

What to honestly say about this but, WoW! Your sitting in the office at your desk, all is quiet on the work front, when you hear the lovely sound of a woman orgasming. You think, hmm that’s odd, this is a workplace is it not. Take a little peekaboo over the desk and blamo, there is your colleague all flustered. I mean what woman wouldn’t want to bring this sucker to the workplace for those boring moments or hot flashes to relieve some good old tension from the thighs right? It has many attachments for your pleasurable needs so go at it! Did I mention it’s cheap too?! 35.95$ USD from your friendly sex experts at Condom Country, so why not just go pick yourself up some! Hell, get some for the kids while your at it, at that price, its a steal!


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I wanna brush my teeth at the computer! It sounds like so much fun! But that vibrator thing scares me. MY VIRGIN EYES!!!

Comment by Mae KahDoodles

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