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Email? Snail Mail?
May 20, 2009, 4:13 am
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Email, everyone uses it, everyone equally hates it. But why? Is it the constant spam from unknown Nigerian men just wanting you credit statements? The fantastic ways on how to enlarge your penis in two minutes? Or the ever so neat, OMG?! YOU JUST WON A TRIP TO FRAUD LAND!

Everyday my email box grows ever bigger with the antics of crazy bored people trying to make a quick dollar or even a quickie? Sure, why not click this cool looking picture that is asking me to tell them my credit card number, that’s not a scam right? Day after day I see the “Junk Mail” grow and grow, but is it really junk, or is it just labeled as junk because they “assume” I don’t want to open it and read away. I personally love junk mail, it’s my own little form of getting to know the world. Who needs newspapers and websites when you can get it all sent right to you! Nigeria sure seems to have lots of wealthy people these days, I mean I didn’t know that I had some distant cousin named Unbar*click*nam. Apparently he wants me to wire him some money so he can then in turn give me millions from my “apparent” distant family. What have I got to lose! Give a little, get a lot right?

What about those great emails from companies claiming they can magically enlarge my penis to 24″. That surely seems like a great ploy to get me to buy some drugs. I’m sure I can go down the road and pick up some great drugs from Billy, the friendly neighborhood druggie, and get just a rise out of those drugs. Why cant Viagra just send out emails instead of these companies I have never heard of. Now I don’t know about you, but if Viagra decided to send me emails with free samples, then I’m all for this one!

What happened to the days of good old regular, plain Jane, snail mail?
The excitement of running to the mailbox, peaking inside and to your surprise lots of mail! Who doesn’t love opening up there mailbox and enjoying a nice little surprise from the mailman. The best part of a day is taking that daily stroll to the mailbox and just hoping you have free samples of dish detergent or cloth softener. Pen-pals were always the cool kids way of saying “Yeah, I have friends! They don’t live here, but I have tons of friends!” Like what kid hasn’t said that one before on the school grounds? Heck even I thought it was the greatest thing, sending a neat colorful “well-drawn” letter to my friendly pen-pal Juan in South America. When in reality, Juan is really Greg, the 47 year old man down the road who really just wants to take pictures of you while you run past his house in your shorts, screaming and yelling through the sprinkler system. But why think of that right?

Snail Mail – It’s the cool thing to do!


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A good read, and I dont think that there is anyone that would not be able to relate to the Junk Mail phenomena. These companies are getting ever elusive in their quest to cram out mailboxes full of the same old drab week after week, adding numbers and #$@#$ to their names to squeeze by filters. Gotta hand it to them. They are persistant.

Comment by Dustin Langley

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