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Body Odor!
May 21, 2009, 10:53 pm
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Body Odor. “Malodorous sweating” Ah my favorite thing to smell when I leave my house to go places of fun. Is it really that hard to go to the local grocery store, corner store, hell, even the gas station, to buy some deodorant? I think .99 cents is enough for you to pick up the old stick of “pit-grease” and grease it up.

Your walking down the street, you see a guy walking towards you. The two of you pass, smiles are exchanged, then you almost puke! Yup, your friendly neighborhood body odor is right there to stop that awesome smile dead in its tracks. When in your mind do you wake up and decide that you would rather to the “Odour la Natural. Now I’m all for the person that wants to be all “Eco” friendly, but really, its just a little stick of a solid substance that makes you smell nice. Sure there are those “Axe” and “Tag” brands, pretty sure they are the same brands just wanting to compete with themselves, damn executives!

The bus. Oh the dreaded bus. The one place you can get away with having really bad body odor, because everyone on the bus wont say a word about it, instead either giggle to there friend, or move away from you. Does it make you feel like a better person to have your very own brand of body odor? Usually called “shit” But I mean, why spend .99 cents and buy some deodorant right. You get on the bus, all happy, errr wait it’s a bus lets not get ahead of ourselves here. You get on the bus, all angry, ah much better, and your one thought in your head is “Oh god, I hope I don’t have to sit next to someone” Which usually then ends with all the seats being taken except for the one everyone is trying to avoid. The 33 year old construction worker who thinks he can pick up any chick cause he smells like a “man” Last time I checked, a man smelt good. I mean I’m a guy myself, and I know the only way your going to get a girl, is if your going to smell good.

Woman. Now I really don’t know where to start with this one. Most Woman, lets say the majority, know that smelling good is key to anything. They spend hours upon hours each week just making themselves look and smell great. It pays off. But then, there is always that one woman, usually the 40 year old, overweight one who thinks she smells great, just with the “spritz” of some dollar store perfume. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the dollar store, tons of um great stuff there? Anyways, there is always that one woman who thinks she can get away with not having any. Guess what. You Can’t! The smell really does get bad too, because not only does it go to your pits, oh yes it travels all the curves of your body and delivers a deadly blow to the next person to walk by you.

Reality strikes again! Buy some deodorant. Heck, buy lots! It’s not that expensive, everywhere usually sells it, and everyone needs it!
Smell it!


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