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Facebook, Myspace, Nexopia!
May 28, 2009, 10:28 am
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With all the crazy teenagers these days, it’s not really a wonder why there are so many social-networking websites out there at there disposal. I mean even myself, I have a Facebook Profile. But is it really necessary for these kids to have an account on 20 different websites? Didn’t think so. How many virtual friends can one have you ask? Why there is no answer, its infinite. If you can talk to them over the interweb, then of course they must be your friend!


Facebook. Everyone seems to have one of these now-a-days. I mean, just yesterday I wanted to become friends with Brad Pitt! But of course I’m not allowed to see his profile or become a friend, that’s just silly. Why make yourself a page if you wont let me become your best buddy. Little girls and little boys, is it really necessary for you to post your getting all drunk and high pictures for the world to see. Knowing most parents, they have not too created profiles and probably added you as a friend. Now I don’t know about you, but the interweb is a place to get away from the everyday horrors that is childhood and teenage life. Now add into account that parents already want to know your life, so why give them a reason to ground you and not trust you, right? Wrong. Putting up pictures of yourself getting drunk and high adds to a new level of ultimate “cool” which for me, it’s all about the “cool-points” I mean if you don’t have + 5 to your cool, then what’s the point of anything.

Facebook has went from a small website of a few members, to now millions of members in a matter of years. Sure telling everyone what your doing every 20 minutes is awesome and all, but is it really all that great? It’s just another website, another waste of time really. But besides the point of that, it really is great fun to just search for people, play the ever so boring application quizzes, and the constant notifications that flood your email box everyday. Welcome Nick! You have 423 new notifications! That’s my biggest happiness in the day, when I turn Facebook on and see tons of awesome notifications that I can spend countless hours looking at and ignoring everyone else because my notifications are first! Facebook chat just adds a whole new level of nuclear power to the equation as well. Who doesn’t like being able to talk to the person you are quietly creeping there page for info on how there life has been since you left highschool, or even after just seeing them 5 minutes prior.

Myspace. Ahh the true “gem” of the interweb.
Slut’s, Skank’s, Emo’s, and Ho’s oh my! Where is the wicked which of the pimps when you need her! I mean Myspace has gone from crap to gibberish easily. Lets see where to really start with Myspace. Well there really isn’t anywhere to start with Myspace, it’s just already a mess. You sign up and bam! Tom says hey! Although he never really does say anything else but a nice old Thank You for joining my cool site! Page after page on Myspace you get attacked by music you really don’t want to hear, nor care for. Emo’s have flooded into the virus ridden interweb and there devil hand is Myspace. I mean I love seeing the 15 year old emo kid from down the block express how life is so hard for his soul and he would rather be dead, good do it, heck! I’ll come down and help you set everything up, your a waste of space and a waste of interweb resources. Myspace pages, girls and guys put so much effort into making there pages so “great” Does this really help you get people? “Hey Sam! Did you see my Myspace page? I added some sweet music to it!” Daily responses in the head of Sam are “OMG DIE!” Sam never really cared.

Myspace really is a place to hook-up with people, and by hook-up I surely do mean, get your bone on. The amount of girls on Myspace that will do anything to get anyone is fantastic, so kids, if you lonely one night, just hop on the old Myspace and start searching for a girl, you will find one, oh yes you will! Guys love Myspace as well. It grows there “E-Pen” to the max. e-pen is a penis of the interweb! What better way to show how much you care about someone then to be like “Hey girl, add me on myspace and we can go from there” Because who goes out for coffee or anything now-a-days right? Myspace you never will make me sad.

Nexopia. Oh dear lord!
Little girls. Where to honestly start with Nexopia. It’s the one place a 13 year old girl can be herself. Girls put more effort into a Nexopia page then they do Myspace, because this is the true place to shine. Nexopia Plus just makes it better! I love seeing who creeps my page daily and I love being Spotlighted! Being Spotlighted on Nexopia is like winning a Grammy or even a Popcorn Award from MTV! Nexopia puts the true term in “Pedo-Bear” I mean where else can a 40 year old guy pick up a 13 year old girl and pretend he is the 13 year old boy from texas. Then there is the girls who complain about getting messages from creepy guys saying “Hey baby wanna fuck?! Your Hot!” Umm. . Girls, it’s your own fault, look at the pictures you put up. Once again drinking, smoking, bikini’s what has your mother taunt you, obviously nothing. But that’s her fault 🙂 Everytime I hear the word “Nexopia” I want to scream out bloody “Pedo-Bear” It honestly will never make me cry more then people talking about Nexopia like it is the coolest thing since the Pogo-Stick.

These sites are really just a “few” of the many “dangerous” websites that parents should let there kids use. They really are the best things to come to the interweb because where else can I be myself. Going out and having fun with friends? Ha! Come on! No one really does that anymore!


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