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Twitter, or just a Twit?
June 3, 2009, 1:57 pm
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Is it really worth it to “tweet” the day away? 


My answer, Nope.  I mean sure it’s fantastic to know what popular people such as Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift. But is it really all the great in the long run?

Take the Arizona man that got his house broken into after he made a “tweet” that he had made it to Kansas City. 

I have yet to make a Twitter account because I will not fall into that circle and lose more of my life realistically. I’m already on the Facebook fanboat and that boat is just right for me, travels a nice route for me usually. Facebook already has status updates which is the same thing as Twitter except in Facebook you get pretty pictures and profiles about everything. Sure Twitter has a little bit of this. But is it really all that needed to update my status on what I am doing throughout the days on 2 platforms, let alone if you use Myspace also! That would mean 3 times to update your status on what you’re doing throughout the day! What really made Twitter blow up and now is one of the most popular sites out there really? It has been around for years just sitting there collecting dust and now it’s the end all of dust mites?

Things happen I guess that science will just never come up with the right answer.

Thats all.
Oh right! I made a Twitter account now! —–> Tweet me!


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I don’t have a twitter account either. Now if it told me what I was supposed to be doing instead of asking me for what I was doing, then I’d sign up.

Comment by writerdood

Defiantly. I only made one for the hell of it really. Updated it just that one time today, and will probably never go on it again.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Comment by Nick Pasacreta

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